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Every day, except Sunday, you can eat delicious, freshly made Ethiopian Food at my restaurant Ambo Ethiopian Cuisine in Bellingham, Washington. I serve Doro Wot (chicken stew), Lentils along with additional dishes, in an ever changing menu of vegetable and meat dishes. In summer I sometimes serve cold lentil salads or chilled beet dishes and when I can get special ingredient from Ethiopian I will sometimes make special dishes like shiro! You can get all the latest updates on the restaurant’s Facebook page. 

10343682_742726725776760_3986348885414858235_nI am located inside the Bellingham Public Market. The address is 1530 Cornwall Ave – along with Terra Organica, Film as Truth, and Electric Beet Juice Company to name just a few.

Please visit my restaurant’s Facebook page for all the latest news and updates!




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ellie Griffin From says:

    Mulu’s cooking is AWESOME! You absolutely have to taste to believe! Ellie

  2. What are your hours?

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