About Mulu

My full first name is Mulunesh but I go by Mulu. I was born and raised in Ambo, Ethiopia, the area for which I’ve named my business. I learned to cook Ethiopian food from my mother when I was five. After I married, I moved with my family to South Africa and finally came to Bellingham in 2002. I started selling food at the Bellingham Farmers Market and catering for groups of people around Bellingham in 2005. I have catered dinners of as many as 300 people for the Annual Slum Doctor Program’s annual Ethiopian Dinner Benefit as well as LaFiamma employees year end party. My cooking is original with ingredients (spices) from my mother. I have dreamed of opening my own restaurant for many years and now my dream has come true!

I also enjoy teaching people how to cook Ethiopian food. Ethiopian food, especially injera, can be hard to replicate even for Ethiopian people who have left Ethiopia. So I teach classes with demonstrations and sampling at both Whatcom Community College and the Food Co-op. My goal is to share Ethiopian foods and traditions with Americans, but also to help preserve recipes and traditions for Ethiopians like myself who have emigrated to new countries.


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