My Cookbook “Ethiopian Feast” is now available!



Ethiopian Feast: The Crown Jewel of African Cuisine

May 5, 2014

For years, I taught classes in Ethiopian Cooking because I love to share my food and culture with everyone, but I dreamed of having my own cookbook with all my many recipes I have developed. And now, thank you God, after many years of hard work, my dream has come true! My cookbook “Ethiopian Feast” is completed and available on Amazon or you can order from our local bookstore Village Books in Fairhaven or from your own local bookstore! The book has almost 80 original recipes, very easy to understand and follow with beautiful photographs. I am so proud it is a lovely hardcover book and it includes something very special – my foolproof recipe for Injera – our famous sourdough flatbread – a recipe it took me many years to develop! Ethiopian Feast also tells the story of how I became a chef and gives a lot of information about our culture of food, like when we eat each type of dish and why, how to plan traditional Ethiopian meals, how to do coffee ceremony and much more! 
Here is a nice description of the book:
With easy-to-follow and beautifully photographed recipes, Ethiopian Feast is the first comprehensive guide to making Ethiopian cuisine in the modern kitchen. Author, Mulunesh Belay, is chef, teacher and owner of an iconic restaurant, who has brought the joys of Ethiopian cuisine to the Pacific Northwest for more than a decade and whose offerings have been praised by the press as “impressive” and “addictive.” In Ethiopian Feast she shares her secrets in 78 original recipes. Mulunesh shows readers how to make all the country’s classic dishes, including a foolproof method for making the flatbread known as injera, as well as her own signature Northwest fusion offerings, all with techniques adapted for the modern kitchen. Whether you are an adventurous foodie, a vegan, a vegetarian, someone eating gluten-free, an Ethiopian far from home or someone who has adopted an Ethiopian child, you will find Mulunesh to be a lively and welcoming guide to successfully creating Ethiopian cuisine in your own kitchen.
This book was many years in the making. Thanks to everyone that helped make this happen, Merrill Peterson and Carol Yoon, and of course my husband Takele Seda😀 Welcome to your Ethiopian Feast!