Ambo Ethiopian Cuisine is CLOSED until we find a new location.

The Bellingham Public Market where we were located has closed and so we have closed as well. When we find a new location, we will be serving our food once again. For updates, the latest menu and news – please find Ambo Ethiopian Cuisine on Facebook! Until then, here are some dishes we have served!  …

Our menu is ever changing!

We serve an ever changing menu of Ethiopian specialties. This day we served Chicken Stew, Carrots and Potatoes, Lentils, Kale, Lamb Stew and Ethiopian Homemade Cottage Cheese on top of Freshly made Injera. Can you feel the love?

Enjoy my beautiful injera!

We make fresh homemade traditional injera every day! Doesn’t it look delicious? It is! Please come and enjoy it at my restaurant. I spent many years developing a full proof recipe and you can learn do it yourself at home from my new cookbook Ethiopian Feast!

I Use Many Spices in My Cooking

This is a picture from the cookbook that we took on my back deck, showing some – not even all – of the spices I use in my recipes. We use so many spices in Ethiopian cooking! The many different mixtures and unusual spices are what give our foods their unique flavors. Some people say…

Doro Wat or Chicken Stew

This is my Doro Wot. Many people’s favorite dish is Doro Wot. It is a dish that takes all day to make and it is worth it! It is delicious and spicy with chicken and hard boiled eggs. Please come enjoy! Or make it yourself using my cookbook!

Carrots and Potatoes

This dish is carrots, potatoes and green beans (on one of my favorite pieces of Ethiopian fabric). This dish is one of the delicious staples of our restaurant. I love all the bright colors and the fresh vegetables. It is a wonderful side dish or it can be a perfect lunch with some fresh injera.

Ethiopian Jalapeno Relish

I make my own delicious, spicy Ethiopian jalapeno relish for you to add as much fire to your meal as you like! The recipe for this beautiful relish is also in my cookbook!